A number of people requested a list of the restaurants in Food Systems, Chapter 1: A Night Out. Here it is, in roughly the order of appearance!

Restaurant               Neighborhood

Root 174                 Regent Square
Dish Osteria and Bar     South Side
Johnny Lounder's         Robinson         (now closed)
Ben Ross's               Irwin            (now closed)
La Normande              Shadyside        (now closed)
Baum Vivant              Oakland          (now closed) 
Mad Mex                  Oakland/Shadyside/etc.
Kaya                     Strip District
Casbah                   Shadyside
Legume                   Oakland
Cafe Zinho               Shadyside
Bigelow Grill            Downtown
Alchemy                  Downtown         (now closed)
Salt of the Earth        Garfield         (now closed)
Fukuda                   Bloomfield       (now closed)
Bar Marco                Strip District  
Eden                     Shadyside
Thai Gourmet             Bloomfield
Taste of India           Bloomfield
Edgar's Best Taco        Strip District
Lydiah's Coffee House    Downtown
Nak Won Garden           Shadyside
Ginza                    Bloomfield
The Dream BBQ            Homewood
Franktuary               Lawrenceville
Dinette                  East Liberty
Gaucho                   Strip District
Thin Man Sandwich Shop   Strip District
Station                  Bloomfield
The Vandal               Lawrenceville
Apteka                   Bloomfield/Garfield

Other video or mention:
Bluebird Kitchen         Downtown
Butcher on Butler        Lawrenceville
Notion                   East Liberty     (now closed)
Millie's Handmade
     Ice Cream
          Highland Park    (opening 2016)